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Discover a new way to capture the moments

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Does Celfie allow walk-in's?

Yes, walk-in's are welcome! However, we recommend you book online due to limited availability 

Can i bring a camera or do i use my cellphone?

You can bring any device you would like to use to capture your photographs! we also offer a professional photographer for those interested at an additonal cost. Or bring your own photographer! (everyone is required to purchase a ticket)

Can i bring my pet?

YEs! we are pet friendly! there are no resitrictions on breeds or animals  however, you are responsible for your animal while at celfie and they will be required to be in your control at all times.

Can i have a party at celfie?

Yes! celfie has space for you to host any type of party or event! you can even book your party online! Click here for our prices.

Can i bring different outfits?

Yes! we have a dressing room and 2 bathrooms that offer plenty of room to change clothes!

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